Patio Maintenance

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    Natural stone and outdoor paver areas in North Texas are prone to brutal climate conditions. The extreme summer sun, disintegration from the late spring downpours, and now and again winter ice/snow which after some time will blur and wear an unprotected outdoor hardscape space. Appropriately restoring and fixing your hardscape or pavers will keep it looking new and provide a defensive boundary from the elements and it’s harming impacts. That’s where our Pilot Point patio cleaning and restoration services come in to help!

    Patio & Deck Pressure Washing

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there’s nobody more qualified to clean your filthy house, grimy business, or messy patio than Parkers Pool and Patio. While a few organizations have chosen to do numerous things, our Pilot Point patio cleaning and restoration service has practical experience in outdoor living services. We can also do what we feel make the most difference: pressure washing things that are messy. 

    Sealing Pavers and Natural Stone Patio

    Pavers and stone are very porous material and are vulnerable to a wide range of recoloring and marking. Oil, grease, pool synthetic compounds, and natural stains (leaf, oak seeds, pine cones, and so forth.) that douse into an unprotected outdoor hardscape and patio are hard to eliminate. Fixing your outside hardscape patio will prevent the absorption of these stains and retard the development of green algae, mold, buildup and weeds.

    Polymeric Sanding Restoration

    The most significant part of an outdoor hardscape patio or driveway restoration is the installation and support of the joint fill sand, that when appropriately merged into the paver joints will advance the interlocking of your paver porch. Polymeric sand is an exceptional blend of polymer fasteners with explicit sized sand particles that when set will turn out to be firm and lock pavers in place. It will likewise diminish disintegration during North Texas summer downpours, as well as lessen the rate of algae, and mold, in addition to decreasing weeds and insect occupation.

    Patio & Driveway Maintenance By Parkers Pool & Patio

    We offer types of assistance for driveways, patios, gardens and outdoor living spaces for inhabitants of Plano, Celina, Melissa, Prosper and Pilot Point. Having expertise in attention to detail without compromising. We are known for our quality craftsmanship, reasonable rates, guaranteed work and furthermore working inside any HOA or government rules. Whatever the size of your venture, call our Pilot Point patio cleaning and restoration service to set up an appointment.

    Regardless of whether you are renovating, building, expanding or essentially prepared for a new look, you can rely upon our insight and our experience to help make a plan that will upgrade your home, address your family’s needs, and work inside your budget. Our attention to detail guarantees that the final installation and nature of craftsmanship are what you anticipate.